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Hip Bone Growth Stimulator

Hip Bone Growth Stimulator

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This FDA-approved bone growth stimulator for hip is used to stimulate bone growth around the fracture or failed fusion site on the hip. A single-piece that fits comfortably around the body.

Scope of Application: If your hip bones are not healing after a fracture or surgery, this bone growth stimulator for hip is used to accelerate the bone healing process and help you recover faster. The device sends energy to the healing bone surface and promotes bone growth in difficult-to-heal fractures or fusions.

Features: This bone growth stimulator for hip is lightweight, flexible, and portable. Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) covers 360 degrees around the area of fusion. It comes with an LCD and audible alarm that provides feedback about the treatment, battery capacity, and treatment remaining time.

Direction of Use:
1. Place the device around the fusion site.
2. While wearing it around the hip region, make sure the coils must center around the fusion site to be fully effective.
3. You can gently bend and shape the coils to fit comfortably around the fusion site.

Note: Consult your doctor about how long you should wear a bone growth stimulator in a day.


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