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Ankle, Wrist, Shoulder & Clavicle Bone Stimulator

Ankle, Wrist, Shoulder & Clavicle Bone Stimulator

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Recovering from ankle, foot, wrist and clavicle fracture can be a challenging journey, especially for athletes or active individuals eager to return to their routines. Without proper care, such injuries may lead to long-term disability. DJO's REGENERATION OL1000 is designed for ankle, foot, wrist and clavicle that doesn't need direct body contact for treatment. However, it's essential to position the coils precisely around the fracture site for effectiveness. Users can easily shape the treatment coils to ensure a comfortable fit.

The Bone Growth Stimulators are portable, battery-powered medical devices intended for the noninvasive treatment of established nonunion fractures caused by trauma, excluding vertebrae and flat bones. The device was crafted with the following characteristics:

  • Lightweight and cozy
  • Simple to operate and noninvasive
  • Operates with just one button
  • Worn for 30 minutes daily
  • Compatible with internal or external fixation or worn over a cast

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Size 1

L 4” × W 4 ¼” × H 1 ¼” 0.9 LBS.

Fracture Site

  • Clavicle - Proximal/Mid/Distal
  • Hand/Wrist - Phalanges/Metacarpals
  • Foot/Ankle - Phalanges/Metacarpals

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